Dusting Off The Trailer


It has been more years than I would like to count since this camper has been taken out of the drive way. I found diapers in one of the cabinets from when my son was a baby. He is now 16. I will not dwell on why this camper has not seen activity but rather that it finally did.

For spring break my family and I headed south and stayed at the First Landings State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Just as we finished setting up our trailer as a huge storm rolled in. The warm temperature quickly dropped 30 degrees. Along with it strong winds and rain. It was probably the worst storm that I have ever encountered while sleeping outdoors.

While the weather was unusually cold for this time of year I am glad that we got out and had an adventure, seeing some local attractions and trying some new camp recipes. I will share some of those recipes in later posts.

Highlights from my trip:


Touching History:
We visited “old” Cape Henry Lighthouse, built in 1792 near the site of the “First Landing ” of the Jamestown settlers. It is the first US commissioned government building and lighthouse built under the newly formed federal government. It remained in operation until around 1872 when a second lighthouse, also called Cape Henry, was built. This lighthouse is still in operation and run by the US Coastguard, but not open to the public.

Most unexpected event:

A Northern Gannet lay injured in front of our campsite. This is a very big bird with a very large beak! The beak is used to tear meat. As a result, no one got too close to him for fear of testing out how well his tearing skills were. Northern Gannets are flying North this time of year. I was told that they are not usually spotted on land unless there is an injury. Wildlife rescue was called in and our unexpected guest did not put up a fight, going willingly with his rescurer.

Best family fun:
Playing games and flying kites on the beach.

Guests are good when camping:
We had over night guests of 4 of my sons closest friends, two of which had never been camping before. It was a lot of fun to watch them put up a tent and teach them a few tricks about camping. Oh boy do they have a lot to learn.

What I learned:
1. Wool socks are a God send! Get them, use them and love them!

2. Dutch ovens and everything you cook in them rock!

3. Don’t drink any liquid past 6:00pm!

4. Always introduce yourself to other campers. You will always be delighted by the people you meet.

5. You can always find fun in the unexpected.

Remember to relax and enjoy life and look for adventure in your day!

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